Treviso Home Festival 2017

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The Home Festival, one of the most anticipated musical events a bit of the whole Veneto is back and it is ready to entertain you again this year.

The Festival, with its eighth edition, will take place in Treviso in the ex Dogana area from Wednesday 30 August to Sunday 3 September 2017.

There are nine stages, here we write you some of them to make you an idea of the vast entertainment you will find:

  1. The main stage is Clipper, where the Sacred Monsters of world music will play.
  2. Isko tent stage, where they will perform for example Chris Liebing and the Charlatans, but also the Sun68 Circus stage, Kingdom of Planet Funk and Ofenbach.
  3. Home * * ck Bar Stage with Saint Kate and Powersound
  4. Elvis Stage with DJ Axel Woodpecker.
  5. Evolutions and tricks then in the Flame Area and many other shows and performances with buskers, Marching band and the Funkasin Street band.

On Sunday afternoon when two adults accompany one or more children will pay a single ticket to the cashier, all together. On the other days of the festival, children enter for free under the age of eight.

Sunday will be the day of Holi Dance Festival and of a thousand attractions, such as  the playground,skateboarding courses for the youngest and the doors will open at 3 pm on Saturdays.

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, instead, gates open from 5 pm.

In addition to the international and Italian names already announced from Duran Duran to Liam Gallagher and from Max Gazzè to Afterhours, here is a lot of of novelty.

Moreover, the stage We Are One is dedicated to the promises of the Dijng and the new dance sounds, electronic,  like for example EDM, Rudeejay, DJs from Mars, Pep & Rash, the Cobs, I delayers, Rossano Prini, alias DJ Ross, DJ Christy, Swan, Killercats, Smack, Georgia Mos, Hiisak and many others.

Still great DJs on the stage Heineken Experience as ARG.O, the DJ from Venice that from the experience of musical culture made in Berlin has drawn its eclectic style, directly from Germany also the deep house of the Baal duo, Bhasmantam from Treviso, the same birthplace for Donato D’ ìDeejay, at the console then the Bolognese Francesco Bonora and experiments by the DJ and the Venetian producer Francesco Maddalena, Marco Bellini from Trieste, Marco Destro from Padua, Steve Paradise from Vicenza, Sydney Kebosh from Udine, Ian from Slovenia, Muui from Berlin and many others.

This year’s program is really rich of artists… Have you already seen if there will also be one of your favorite artists?!

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