20th anniversary of the Palio of Noale

palio noalePlunge into the past and relive the origins, civilization and splendours of medieval Noale!

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Pranzo di Pasqua in Barchessa Barbarigo


Avete già scelto la location per il vostro pranzo di Pasqua? Che ne dite di Barchessa Barbarigo? Continua a leggere

Venetian prosecco, for real connoisseurs!


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A delight for young and old people


At Christmas Venice transforms itself not only for the sumptuous decorations which attract attention, but also for the sweet scent come from the narrow “calli”.

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Padua: the city of “three without”

piazza dei signori

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Venice and its special peculiarity


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“Comandi” in Villa on 4th December

comandi in  villa

On 4 December  the restaurant “Comandi” moves  its Soul kitchen appoinment in an incredible location: Villa Rosa in Stigliano (Ve)Continua a leggere

Halloween and parties to scream in Venice and surroundings!

Have you already thought about how to spend your scary Halloween night?

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“Risoto de canoce”


What do you think about the following receipt? You won’t be disappointed!

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“Baccalà mantecato alla veneziana”

CatturaThe “Baccalà mantecato alla veneziana” is a typical Venetian recipe: the salted codfish is cooked and reduced in cream with olive oil, garlic and parsley, and then served with polenta polenta croutons or white. Continua a leggere