Hotel Ca’ Tron

One of the most fascinating things when you travel is discovering something new and unknown, off the usual tourist routes. For that reason it is essential to have a contact with someone who knows the place closely, an insider who can advise and suggest special events, hidden treasures, surprising and unusual itineraries. We of Hotel Ca Tron know that and we also know how much our guests deserve to have a  interesting stay, full of inspiration and emotions,  and how important it is to have near a staff ready to suggest the best for their vacation.

Road to Venice was created with this purpose. Our hotel is located on the ancient road linking Padua to Venice. A journey that leads those who decide to spend a holiday here with us in the heart of flavors, colors and traditions of  Veneto and the Venetian lagoon. Not only Venice, then, but also all the surrounding areas and nearby towns, an area of ​​great historical and cultural value which is just waiting to be discovered.

Curiosity, new trends, events and anything that you can not miss. This is our work for you.

Let yourself carried away and follow us on this journey. You will not regret .



Hotel Ca Tron is the right place to discover Venice and the surrounding areas.

We are in the middle of Brenta Riviera, known for the famous Venetian Villas along the road that connects Venice to Padua, you can both reach easy and in a short time. If you want to have a reference point for exploring an area of significant landscape, historical and cultural value, you will find a lively town,  always full of incitements, events and entertainment.

casaHotel Ca Tron is a welcoming hotel with a trained staff which is available to every requirement, in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible .

The rooms are spacious and designed with every comfort, with free Wi -Fi. The bar and lounge area is at your disposal to socialize and relaxing, with a selection of excellent books and guides to help you in finding the hidden treasures of our area.

We try to offer a valuable support to all the interesting and suitable for children and families activities. We have a free bike rental service. Also we offer advice about the possibility to make a boat trip along the Brenta Canal and, in general, we give you all useful informations to live their holiday in the best possible way.

What are our best customers ? We are the ideal place for those who want to discover the charm of an area rich in history and culture, out from the ordinary tourist routes. For those looking for quality at the right price. For those who love to travel and not just move. For all those looking for a small but warm and familiar hotel. For those who like to travel independently, but who want to feel themselves always a little like home.

For more information, please visit our website.

You will also find a variety of vacation packages and deals that allow you to customize your stay according to your taste and needs. Click here and book now.


See you there!



Due Leoni s.r.l

Via Ca’ Tron, 1 30031 Dolo (Ve)


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